27 de julio de 2011

Universos para-lelos

Nunca vas a saber cuánto te quise. No porque yo no te lo dijera, sino porque tú no quisiste escucharme.

10 de julio de 2011

Light me up when I'm down...

People around me are too busy to share all the things that I'm feeling right now. A lot of changes have occurred since she left me and I feel the obligation to tell this things to you, dear diary. At least I thought changing the music style I listened to would not influence my behaviour, but it has. I used to listen really commercial music and it always lead to try to be friend to anyone instead of choosing them carefully. Then I realised that very few people were really my friends. That was the moment when I started listening to another kind of music which caught me because I felt every word of the lyrics of each song, I understood life would be easier, if I just cared about people I loved. 
And then, I created a Twitter account, you know I'm a Social freak. I thought people would write their own problems and wouldn't care about others and mines. But then I met people from every country of the world, and now I can say that some of them are my friends, I don't care how far we are or the cultural differences between us, most of them are really kind to read all  the thing I've been writing all this time. I wouldn't be able to do any special mention because each one of my followers is REALLY REALLY awesome. I mean some of these new people I've met know a lot of things about me, and I can say that some of them know me more than some of those people I considered my friends. Meeting new people I think for me is a dangerous thing cause I am very kind and really care about them but then I realise they don't feel the same and they hurt me, barely without their trying. And few have been there when I've needed them. But I really hope I'll be able someday to meet them and say thank you to all of them because they have been fucking awesome.
Later, something happened at school, I've always been a good students and my teachers have always been very proud of me. But I thought I could give something more and be even better. I didn't know why, I just felt that necessity. I had to do a hard work but I was recompensed with really good marks so my hard work hadn't been done in vane. Keep it up, I thought. I hate people who think I'm a nerd, actually I am, but I hate it because people who tell me are really stupid people, I mean they don't want to study because "it's a waste of time" and I don't really study because I want a high grade or something, I study just because I'm a person who loves learning a lot of new and interesting things, is it so hard to understand?!
And now there are some who try to take me to THEIR "right path", some "friends" who don't know I love going backwards and I love being myself and who I am; I don't want to be just another one, I know I'm kind of special, but people nowadays just care about their physical appearance and forget their feelings just to follow the crowd, cause their belief is that if they follow other people, they will be cooler than those, like me, who just try to be themselves. It isn't really fair to be rejected for who you are, for your behaviour or even for the music you listen to.